For occasional essays on women and politics, click here.

"Making America Great Again--Women's Edition, 115th Congress" 



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"Are Women Human?"


 "Rand, Ryan, Republicans and Rape: A (Brief) Rant"      





  "Lysistrata and the War on Women"


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Including "Soul Food," from Storied Dishes and "'Family liked 1956': My Mother's Recipes," from Through the Kitchen Window


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Including "Remembering Rosalind Franklin--and Forgetting James Watt," "Sex Education," "Beauty Queens and Fairy Princesses," "Who Cares about LaToyia Figueroa," and "Where is Abu Ghraib?" 




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Including "Chasing Sappho: Teaching, Translation, and 'the Text,'" "Finding What Was There," "My Teaching Philosophy: A Personal Statement," and "A Final Review?"